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Dog Parks in Singleton

Interesting places to walk with your dogs.

Off-leash Park
Off-leash Park
Singledton off leash park.JPG

Singleton Off-leash Doggie Park

This park is awesome. Entry is via 2 separate gates like a chilcare centre for better security. There is a time out area and heaps of room to run riot. It’s a great place to socialise your pets or hook up for play dates. It’s located on the corner of Darlington Road and Dunolly Road. The marker on Google Maps is close, but a bit too far south.

We had a race day at the Doggie Park in 2015. Here are a couple of pics.

On-leash Park
Allan Bull.JPG

Allan Bull Park – Over the road from Us.

Allan Bull Park is a great park with plenty of space on the oval for the dogs, a playground for the kids and a skatepark. It is just across the road from our hospital and people often have their dogs off the leash. It has a walking/riding track and public toilets, bins, BBQ facilities and is well maintained. Great spot for the dogs and family.

Rose point.JPG

Rose Point Park

Rose Point Park is massive. With cricket ovals, netball courts and heaps of grassed areas it has plenty of room for your dogs. It also has a fenced playground for the kids with covered BBQ facilities. We often go there for lunch and take the dogs to the river.

Off the grid-unofficial places for you and your dogs
Hunter river.JPG

Hunter river under rail bridge near rose point

As far as I know, this is the only decent public spot to access the river in Singleton. If you walk around the bend in the river to the southwest you can usually find a quiet spot for you and the dogs.

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