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“Near this Spot are deposited the Remains of one who possessed
Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
and all the virtues of Man without his Vices.” Lord Byron

Sam Roberts.jpg

Sam Roberts

2005 to 2018

Sam was an amazing companion dog and friend to Marg.

Marg had a stroke in her late 40’s and Sam was a constant and attentive companion for 13 years.

Sam got through 2 cruciate surgeries and Julie visited Marg every week to care for Sam. Julie and Marg have become friends, and Julie still visits her regularly now that Sam has passed.

Thankyou Sam for your years of loyalty and friendship.

Hector the Protector

 2011 to 2018

Hector was with us from the start at Heights Pet Hospital. He came in as a stray after being swung around by one leg which fractured his hip. Julie did surgery to remove the top of his femur which gave him that swagger we came to love.

He was a foster father to hundreds of needy kittens. He could probably relate because he was abandoned as a kitten.

Hector was voted clinic cat of the year….a well deserved title. No other cat was as hard working and caring as Hector….well….in truth he was a bit lazy and not much of a security guard. Once a dog chased him outside and we lost him for 2 days.

But he was tough…he bounced back from 2 jaw repairs, a stripped tail, he stepped in candle wax and burned the bottom of his foot and donated blood to save other cats. And he did it all with dignity and that characteristic swagger.

Hector converted allot of Dog lovers into Cat lovers…..well, they loved him anyway.

Hector had a rare cardiac cancer and died way too young. We can treat just about anything and you would think a beloved clinic cat would have a long life, but this tumour was very unusual and wrapped around the base of his aorta.


We still miss you Hector,

from all the team at Heights Pet Hospital and all those hundreds of clients you greeted at the front door.


 2010 to 2018

Thankyou Roger for all of the lives you saved with your generous blood donations. Thankyou for the laughs as you blundered around with that goofy smile.

Love from the pets who still live thanks to you.


 21/8/2001 – 23/12/2015

Aged 14yrs 4 months and 2 days


The most gentle, faithful and personable dog ever. You were the best dog a family could be blessed with and a big part of our lives. Loved by all.

Love your family

Dean, Sarah, Harry, Luke and Georgia Dunn.



1997 to 2015


In Loving Memory of our little girl. Our little Scrumpy was such a beautiful dog. When she was younger she would climb on the ironing board so she could lie in the sun, the coffee table even in the clothes basket on top of the clothes she was happy in these places.

Scrumpy had a special bond with our postman. She would give him a tin of biscuits for xmas and he would give her a toy and some chews. She loved to play with her toys when she was younger and as she got older she didn’t have interest in these things. As she got older she became more of a couch potato but we still loved her just as much or even more as time went by.


Losing her has put a big hole in our hearts. It is so empty without her. She was the light of our life.

Scrumpy will always be in our thoughts.

She was a very special girl.


2000 to 2014


My Best Friend Lionheart

Lionheart, you gave me a gift of understanding of unconditional love.

A love that knew no boundaries, no limitations, and no conditions. An enduring love everlasting for all eternity.

You will forever live in my Heart and Dreams and I know that when I die you will be waiting for my arrival at the gates and I will return with you my Best Friend in the next life.

For You Lionheart are my Best Friend.

You are the child that I never had. Until we meet again. Namaste


Fanta February

1999 to January 2013


“Fanta came into the world beside our bed at 11:55pm on the 6th of February 1999. He was such a pleasure from Day 1.

The welcoming home that we received from our little man each time was unreal. The companionship he gave, the love, the slurps, the licks, the friendship and the naughty but funny antics.

At 9:55am on the 14th of January 2013, our beautiful Fanta left this world the same way he came in, beside the bed in our sons arms with his family surrounding him.

He was so much more than our dog, he was a special gift and part of our family. We have had 14 years of wonderful memories. Our little mate will be deeply missed.



July 2012 to August 2012


Stella was one of two survivors from a litter of Seven. Julie raised her from day 1 and she was doing really well. However, when she switched to solids, she could not keep them down. Julie performed many procedures before diagnosing a congenital oesophageal disorder and Stella did not make it. She was really nice and was beginning to play.


We grieve for the love we would shared.



2007 to 2012


Ace went missing in early 2012 and never came back. He was a cool cat and kept Megan company at work when she was in Muswellbrook.

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