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Companion Animal Medicine

Companion Animal Medicine

We want the best for you and your pets. They bring us so much joy that we owe them the best care. Our vets can diagnose most ailments on the day with our in-house diagnostic equipment. We have a great range of imaging equipment for ultrasounds and x-rays. Our in-house lab equipment is fast and thorough. Not all veterinary hospitals have a lab on-site, most have to send every sample away to be analysed. But if a medicine case needs to be diagnosed and treated fast, waiting for 24hrs can be too late. That’s why we have blood, biochemistry, urinalysis and microscopic equipment at hand.Our vets have treated a vast array of medical conditions.

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Good medicine starts with a relationship

To give the best care our vets start with establishing a relationship with owners and pets. Ideally pets (and owners!) will trust their vets. That way the symptoms we see are genuine symptoms and not caused by stress.

Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital's veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced in the latest medical treatments.

Our vets keep up to date with ongoing education and training. The pharmacy stocks medication for skin, eyes, gastro-intestinal, cardiac, hepatic, renal and much much more. We can write scripts for medicine if we don’t have it in stock (unlikely). Most conditions will need a follow up consultation for more medicine, but some ongoing cases can get repeat prescriptions.

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