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Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital Services

Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital's veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced in the latest medical treatments.

Our vets keep up to date with ongoing education and training. The pharmacy stocks medication for skin, eyes, gastro-intestinal, cardiac, hepatic, renal and much much more. We can write scripts for medicine if we don’t have it in stock (unlikely). Most conditions will need a follow up consultation for more medicine, but some ongoing cases can get repeat prescriptions.

Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital Services

Radiology & Ultrasound

Radiology and Ultrasound

Our X-Ray machine and Ultrasound unit are top of the line. We have digital X-Ray processing for instant images.

X-Ray with Digital Processing

Gone are the days of manual x-ray processing in dark rooms. We can take views of your pets skeletal system and show you results within minutes.

All orthopaedic procedures receive a before and after x-ray to make sure the procedure was perfect and all prosthetics are in the right place.

Ultrasound 1.jpg
Dental Xray.jpg
Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental X-Ray

We have digital X-Ray unit designed to give just the right view of jaws and teeth.

Dental X-Rays are highly recommended, especially if extractions are needed.

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