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The reception is in a chapel built in 1897 by Henry Bailey. The chapel was due for a demolition, but we spent about 150k to stabilise the foundations, add a new rosewood arched door, replace the windows, replace the lime mortar in the bricks, add rising damp proofing, improve the subfloor ventilation and stabilise the floor. A lot of work, but worth it. It's a great building in Singleton and a proud venue for a vet hospital.


Dog ward with big dog runs and some small ones.


A watering trough for tired dogs out the front. Initially the water was a bit high so we build a little deck for vertically challenged pets.


A couple of our laboratory items. We are pretty lucky to have this stuff. Most vets have to send things out of Singleton to be tested, but we can do it at the vets on the spot.


Surgical Table. It goes up and down……good for getting heavy dogs from the floor.

Surgical table.JPG

Fancy cat cages. They don’t look like much from this view, but they are stainless steel, multiple layers and can link together.


Couple of surgical disposables.


Inside of a cat cage. It’s more comfortable than it looks.


A shot of our digital x-ray processor. Back in the dark ages (when we had dark rooms……I’m sure there is a bad pun there somewhere) we used chemicals to fix and develop screens. Was smelly and took ages. Now we take the shot, pop the film in the machine and it comes up on the screen. Easy and instant. Great for emergencies and to see if orthopaedic surgery was done just right.


Consult 1. Looks a bit boring in the picture. Would have been better to have a patient and a client.

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